How to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – COPD

Copd_versus_healthy_lungChronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterized by the limitation (reduction) of airflow in the airways. The limit of airflow is progressive and connected to an inflammatory reaction of the lungs to harmful gasses. The word chronic means that the disease is not withdrawn, obstructive that was partially blocked airflow in the airways, the word disease a disease, a lung that happens in the lungs.

Cause of disease

smoking-1026556_640At patients with COPD, there are smaller open airways. In these is included less air because the walls of the airways are thickened and swollen airways are squeezed under the influence of small muscles that surround them and in them creates mucus coughed up by the patient. COPD usually get smokers or former smokers, people who live in houses with many gasses (combustion in furnaces to heat the rooms), or those people who work in places where there was a lot of dust and smoke. Most patients with COPD have more than 40 years, but with this disease, younger people can be infected as well.

Symptoms and advice

smoking-951984_1280People with COPD complain about a cough and sputum mucous or, so called, dirty sputum, shortness of breath, suffocating to remain out of breath when physical exertion and need a long time to recover from colds. With the progression of the disease, ailments are becoming more pronounced. Most patients late occur doctor and believes that a cough is normal for smoking. When patients contact the doctor who diagnosed the true nature of the disease, the patients are given advice on further treatment. These include smoking cessation which is the most important and the best way to help your lungs, avoiding places where you can smoke, ventilation of rooms in the apartment; regular medication and regular breathing exercises.


lungs-41562_1280For the treatment of COPD, drugs are used to reduce the symptoms by expanding the airways, calming inflammation and infection, and if necessary, other forces to strengthen the heart muscle. For the treatment of COPD using the dosage aerosols, the so-called pumps by which the drug is infused through inhalation (inhaled through). It is the best, most useful and least damaging form of therapy because the drug acts directly on the diseased organ, entered a small dose, quickly eliminate symptoms and no side effects. It should be noted that the erroneous opinion that the pump harmful because it allegedly creates a habit and has a negative effect. During the epidemic of influenza and respiratory infections, patients are recommended vaccinations. In advanced stages of the disease, when the oxygen in the blood significantly lowers in patients who meet the requirements prescribed by the long-term, it is recommended oxygen therapy at home (DOT). It involves the use of oxygen through an apparatus called oxygen concentrator at home. So the patient is on continuous oxygen therapy (at least 16 hours during the day), and less need for hospital treatment.

The seriousness of the problem

COPD is a disease that each year more and more people become ill and is a major health, and socio-economic problem is regarding prevention of smoking cessation best way to reduce the incidence of the disease.


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